Our Approach to Dog Training

Good Human Dog Training is committed to providing humane, reward-based dog training, behavior modification, learning experiences, and quality resources that combine science, empathy, integrity, and humor.

We're really teaching YOU to train your dog. We'll ensure you understand
HOW to teach your dog and the WHY behind the process. We'll give you the knowledge and put the skills in your hands so that you can train any dog who shares your heart and home.

Why Choose Good Human Dog Training?

Our values are our core. They're why we study, practice, and root our beliefs in the science of behavior.


We practice teamwork with our clients, so you can develop teamwork with your dog. We thrive on the reciprocity of a relationship based in love and respect.


We believe in sharing goodness and kindness. It’s our north star and guides every interaction we have with you and your dog.


From overhauling the environment to using interpretive dance to explain a technique to a client, we think outside the box.


Our approach is based on formal education and experience with loads of dogs, which is why we know what works. Also, science.


We take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Laugh and your dog laughs with you!


We create safe spaces for our clients. The more you trust our process, the more you trust your dog. Physical and psychological safety is priority for both species.

Services We Offer

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Dog Behavior

For dogs with behavioral concerns such as:
  • Aggression (people, dogs, and animals)
  • Reactivity on walks 
  • Fear of people, noises, etc. 
  • Excessive barking 
  • Resource guarding

  • Welcoming a new baby
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What's included in the lesson:

Management protocols to reduce unwanted behavior, an ​in-depth, customized  training plan. and email support.

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Dog and Human Training

 For dogs with no
behavioral concerns.
During these sessions, we will discuss ways to set your new dog up for success and train foundation behaviors.
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Some things we may cover:
  • Basic training principles
  • House and crate training
  • Leash Manners
  • Manners around the house
  • Attention to cues, sit, stay, down, go to your mat, recall, tricks
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Service Dog Program

Train your own dog to be your service dog.
Our multi-phase program is based on the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners (IAADP) guidelines. 
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Benefits include:
  • Learn to effectively train your own dog 
  • Start-to-finish program
  • Online community
  • Learn at-a-distance
  • Affordable options
  • Begin today!
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Learn at your own pace.
We offer practical training courses for pet dog owners and a start-to-finish service dog program. All courses include options for additional support.
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Course topics include:
  • Polite greetings
  • Leash reactivity
  • Dog body language 
  • House manners
  • Managing multi-dog households and more!

Our Courses

What Our Clients Say

Jen has the compassion and smarts to connect with dogs and humans alike! She is committed to positive experiences too!
Jen was also wonderful about following up and continuing to offer assistance, as needed. I feel like I can go back to Jen for more training if we hit a roadblock. I appreciate all Jen has done for me & my dogs!
She is dependable and trustworthy. Also, what a relief to find someone so communicative so that I could know what to expect!
We had worked with Jennifer previously, and even though it had been quite some time, she remembered our dogs’ temperaments and immediately made them feel more comfortable. 

Feedback helps us grow and shapes us into the best dog trainers we can be. Read more reviews! 

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