5 Benefits of Online Dog Training Courses

Jan 24 / Jennifer Thornburg

Dog trainers are people trainers. It's no surprise that online learning has quickly become the preferred way to train your dog. The current global pandemic has caused us to re-think how we do everything for safety. Yes, necessity is the mother of invention. But, online learning has so many benefits that we should have been offering it all along!

The dog training methods we use at Good Human Dog Training are kind and humane, the results are fast, and they stick. Good Human’s methods are suitable for all dogs, regardless of breed, type, shape, size, or age. Because we know the vital component for success is that the owner (that’s you!) learns how to train, we’ve made it self-paced, so it’s super human-friendly too.
You have a special relationship with your dog. And you know the areas of training your dog needs the most. Our online courses allow you to work at your own pace, when and where you choose, enriching your relationship and bonding along the way.

Nearly all relevant dog training occurs in your home or on walks- not in a dog training class. Train your dog from the comfort of your home without any distractions- where you both learn best. It’s like having a professional trainer in your own home. But without the need for pants.* Note: Pants are recommended for when you advance to working in public settings.

Because dog trainers know you need to practice to achieve fluency, you will have access to our videos and simple step-by-step instructions forever (relatively). You can watch in short segments, which is how most dog trainers would like to teach a class. Both humans and dogs learn better in short, more frequent sessions.

And we’re still here for you!

Get any questions answered quickly or send a video for feedback. Support is just a click away. We don’t need to schedule a visit or zoom call with online training, so response time is typically faster, and it’s already rolled into the price.We all have limited resources in some way. Whether it’s time you would need to plan each week to bring your dog to a training class, the energy you and your dog both need to spend for the duration of the training, or the money spent on in-person classes you are too zapped to benefit from, we have you covered. Good Human Dog Training probably offers the most affordable, comprehensive, professional, punniest dog training you will find anywhere on the web (or in-person!) dog training.
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