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Our Behavior Consultation will address issues such as

  • Aggression to people, dogs and other animals
  • Barking and lunging while leashed
  • Generalized anxiety or fear
  • Resource guarding and territorial Issues
  • Fear of noises, people, other animals, and storms
  • Difficult situations and potential outcomes
  • Excessive barking in the home or yard
  • Preparing dog for a new baby or child in the home

Jennifer is currently booked out 4 weeks for in person appointments.

Consider scheduling a virtual behavior consultation or signing up for an online course.

How it works

Step 1.

We'll meet for an Initial Consultation.
I will coach you on management strategies and, together, we will create a plan that meets your goals.

Step 2.

We'll meet for hourly lessons.
I will show you what to train and practice between sessions.
You'll practice and complete homework assignments.

Every dog is a study of one.

Cookie cutter approaches don’t take into account your dog’s individual personality, living environment, learning history, experiences, health and much more. 

We'll work with you to create a training plan based on your specific goals and your dog's very individual needs. 

Our Behavior Courses

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