My name is Jennifer Thornburg.
I am the owner of Good Human Dog Training in Winston-Salem, NC.

I recently moved to the area from Durham, NC, where I had collaborative relationships with local veterinarians and shared many of my cases with the behavioral medicine team at NC State's Veterinary Hospital.

I am making connections with local veterinary practices to better serve my clients and, hopefully, yours too.
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I am a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC) with the IAABC, one of only twelve in North Carolina. I have been a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) since 2017. I graduated from Karen Pryor Academy (KPA CTP) in 2018. Professional development is a priority. I continue to learn by reading relevant material, attending conferences, workshops, and seminars, and pursuing other educational opportunities.

For more than a decade, I have worked with pet owners to address various behavior issues such as anxiety, aggression, and fear. I have a special place in my heart for fearful dogs, even (and especially) the ones who may get into trouble with their teeth!  
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Jennifer Thornburg is

one of only twelve

IAABC Certified Dog Behavior Consultants
in the state of North Carolina!

Methods and Philosophy

My approach to positive dog training is evidence-based and rooted in applied behavioral science. I use and promote Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive (LIMA) training and behavior work with my clients.

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Dog training isn't only about the dog. I'm committed to a collaborative approach with my human clients, because a training plan that isn't practical won't be effective. 

Behavior Consulting

I customize my private consulting sessions to each dog's needs and owner's abilities. The initial consultation begins with a thorough history of the behavior: when it started, how long it has been occurring, and what specific triggers cause or worsen the problem. Appropriate at-home recommendations will be made so that undesirable behavior is no longer being practiced. We will begin to lay the foundation for a behavior modification protocol. A written report is provided to the client after each session. You may have seen a Good Human training plan come in with one of your clients!

Veterinary Referrals

My area of expertise is dog behavior. I will never make medical diagnoses regarding the health and wellness of the dogs I work with. My clients will be directed to seek assessment and appropriate care from their veterinarian when any concerns are noted. Additionally, I will refer clients to you if I believe there may be medications that could reduce risk in the short term or speed up responsiveness to behavior modification protocols. 

I will try to get them muzzle-trained before sending them your way. 

Services and Service Area

I offer in-person and virtual behavior consultations and dog training in the greater Winston-Salem, NC area.

Behavior issues can take time and energy to solve. We offer packaged services for our dedicated clients who want to put in the work to solve their dog's behavior concerns.
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For those outside of our service area, we offer a travel charge schedule for in-person consultations or virtual consultations.

Self-Study Options

I am adding online education topics for pet dog owners such as management for leash reactive dogs, help for fearful dogs, general house manners and more!
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Please share this FREE online course with your clients.

Working Together

Working together ensures the best possible outcomes for our shared clients with health or behavior-related problems. Together, we can provide expertise and insights that make life-changing and life-saving differences to the dogs in our care.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how my skills and experience can contribute to the success of your practice. I am available at your convenience for further discussion. 

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