Standards of Care

Learn to meet your dogs' biological, emotional, social, training and cognitive needs.

About the course

Just like you, your dog has their own important needs. Learn to meet your dogs' biological, emotional, social, training and cognitive needs to help them live a fulfilled life. You can use can use this new knowledge to further strengthen your relationship with your dog.

Biological Needs

Your dog will have an important job, working many hours every day. This requires that they receive exceptional care so they can be healthy and happy as they continue to support you.

Emotional Needs

Dogs have deep, rich emotional lives. That's why we love them so much. Understand how to apply concepts like agency and consent to your relationship with your dog and strengthen your bond. 

Cognitive Needs

Addressing your dog’s cognitive needs starts with understanding what drives them, how they learn. We'll share our favorite activities to increase your dog's cognitive function. 

And much, much more!

Jennifer Thornburg

Educator. Advocate. Dog Trainer. Mom.

Jennifer has two decades working with dogs and the people who love them. Her formal education includes multiple (impressive) certifications but she credits the dogs and humans she’s worked with for teaching her the most important concepts of behavior and training. 
Jen is committed to teaching dogs and humans without the use of pain, discomfort, or fear.  
When she’s not training, Jennifer is trying to raise a good human who loves and respects dogs too. Jen enjoys time with her family and training her own dog to pick up things around the house and bring them to her.
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