Welcome to Phase 3

Service Tasks

Phase 1: Foundation Skills

You will learn to train your dog efficiently and effectively. We will ensure that you, the handler, understand the most current  training methods and can achieve results like a pro. 

Phase 2: Advanced Skills

This focus is on achieving fluent skills in preparation for service tasks and public access. As your dog builds essential skills, you'll add distance, duration, and distractions to create solid behaviors.

Phase 3: Service Tasks

While you're learning the basics of task training and working
in public, we'll make a plan for your service tasks. Your dog will learn to perform three (3) meaningful tasks to support you. 

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Phase 4: Public Access

Everything you've learned from the first three (3) phases will come together. You will see how your hard work pays off as you and your dog work as a team in public spaces.

Phase 3

Service Tasks

These courses will equip you with the foundations of service task training. We'll also prepare you for working in public places.
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